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Directions for use: -What is it good for? If you are using some kind of CMS (like Wordpress, Joomla, and so on...) and if you make a new post or page it's important to sign that to the search engines to index your page.In some CMS it's automatic ,but the used list may contain some not working services.In addition there are many list circulating on the internet (XML-RPC ping list) which usually contain many not working or non existing services . Copying your list here you can check whether they are working or not.After copying your list here please check that the last line is a domain and not a new line and then press the button.After that please wait patiently because the checking may run for 5-10 minutes depending on your list length.In the appearing table you can download the list the only contains the existing ,working services , and from that you can refresh your CMS 's list .

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