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Welcome at Ping That Blog!

The best way to improve your blog popularity is to ping many XML-RPC blog ping servers.Pinging these servers will give you many visitors to your blog.This site has been created to perform a qualitative pinging on every new page or post created on your blog or site and not to generate unnecessary traffic toward to not working hosts, using this you can save time and in addition the pinging becomes qualitative.
On Ping That Blog site there are much more blog ping services than on other sites and these are 99% working for sure! The lists are UPDATED DAILY on the site.And what is the remaining 1%? It's when a blog ping service becomes unavaiable after our daily checking. If the host is not available next day then it will be remived from our lists and it will be only shown again when it is available.
So what can be found on this site?
-Ping That Blog menu: -Site pinging using the listed ping services.You can sign your site's changes to search engines.
-Ping List Checker menu : - This can be used for those ping list that you can find on the internet or in some content management system, and if you are not sure that they are working. After checking the usable list is shown in a table and you can download it in a txt file.
-Latest Ping List menu: -You can find the list here that contains the checked most up-to-date blog ping services list.This list can be copied into any content management system because it is working 100% sure!
-Contact menu: - You can send feedback here, you can tell me if you liked it if you did not liked it or if you have some suggestions and if something is not working.
-About menu: -You are here!
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